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Fine Art Prints For Sale

The Style | My "Handwriting"

Natural documentary, ordinary subject mater, situations of everyday life and ambient light are key characteristics of my favorite photography. Street life photography in Black & White or Color is my more conventional style while Impressionism, Surrealism and Abstract Expressionism give me total freedom to capture the part of reality that is usually hidden to our naked eye. All my photos are real single shots. Except color and contrast adjustment there are no further manipulations applied.

Buy Limited & Certified Prints

On this page I offer you the opportunity to buy Certified Prints in Limited edition of 3 prints.
Each Print is numbered, stamped, certified and signed by the artist. As an integral part of any prints you get CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY.

Fine Art Photo Print sale - Street Life Photography Black and White


Everybody is great actor but just until observes a camera.
Marek Valovic Documentary and Fine Art Photographer

The Artist

I have been working like nuclear physicist and financial analyst for 10 years and photography has always been passion and counterweight to my quite stressful profession. Since 2009 the passion changed into profession and now the counterweight that keeps me balanced is my family.
I dedicate also to documentary photography & video where I follow my client's wishes in art photography I follow my own dreams.

Marek Valovič
self-portrait, acrylic
Prints for sale - Street Photography as Wall Decoration Contemporary Art


Without a doubt life is a best director.                             M.V.
Surreal Contemporary Art - Photo Print for sale as Wall Decor


Surreal Photography
captures the part of reality
that is hidden to
our naked eye.
Best Street Photography for Sale - Wall Decoration Modern Art


Street Photography
are just Stolen moments
from real life situations.
Abstract Expressionism Photography Print - Original Contemporary Art
During Altered States of Consciousness you can face a lot of abstract moments, but can you see abstract with a clear mind?


Impressionism Photography Print for sale - Modern Art Wall Decoration


Impressionist Photography
is pointing out just that
essential part of actuality that will emphasize deeper impression and emotional impact that conventional photography.
Best Fine Art Photo for sale - Panta Preai Photos Remain - art photogapher


Life is infinite quantity of
unique moments that
never repeat.

I am glad to catch at least some of them believing they stay here  forever.

Panta Rhei - Photos Remain!

How to buy | Get the Price

Check the galleries, click on the photo to see bigger resolution. Use this request form page to send me the numbers of the photos you like to buy. Optionally send me an e-mail.

I will come back to you with an price offer and other information. Payment can be transfered to my bank account.

By paying you accept Terms & Conditions.
Delivery time worldwide from 2 to 6 weeks.

Best Surrealism Art Photo Print for sale - Fairytale Horse Cariage


Login | Client's Zone

Street Photography in Color - Print for Sale as Wall Contemporary decor


Contact me | Ask me anything

Feel free to contact me with any questions.



        +421 918 560 500


Ing. Marek Valovič
             Bajkalská 29e,
             821 01 Bratislava

I am available for any still or motion pictures project internationally. Together with my wife Klara we also dedicate to documentary - wedding photography and video. If you like to be my model write me here please. Find me also on Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Google MyBusiness and Xing.

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Mouse over the pictures to see more details. Click on picture to see bigger resolution. Printed photographs may slightly differ from what you see on this page. Due to internet limitation all photos are reduce in resolution and compressed.
Street Photography in Color - Timeless Art Print - Best Wall Decor